Are you interested in Exploit Development? Show me just how much!

Are you interested in Exploit Development? Can’t afford the class?

For those of you that really LOVE my classes but can’t afford my more expensive ones, or can not travel to the physical classes I will […]

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FREE CTF Prep Class

I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me about CTFs lately. I usually point people toward a few resources and tell them that CTFs are fun, but a lot of work. I used to […]

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4 For $40 for my 40th Birthday

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. I know…I know…yes I going both gray and bald, but at least I’m loosing weight. The goal was to loose 40 pounds by my 40th but I am at 28 […]

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June Exploit Development in Maryland

This class takes participants from relatively little exposure to the subject to covering some very advanced concepts in the span of 5 days. We begin the class with lower level, easy to grasp topics and […]

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FREE WEBINAR: It’s all about the data

The entire focus of state sponsored attackers, AKA advanced persistent threat (APT) is DATA. It’s all about the data. This FREE webinar will cover the newer and more advanced methods used by attackers to find […]

FREE Web App Security For Mere Mortals Webinar

Do you need to get familiar with manual web application penetration testing? Would you like to learn Web App pentesting in plain and simple English? If that’s the case then this webinar is for you. […]

April – Saturday Advanced Network Penetration Testing in Maryland

April – Saturday Advanced Network Penetration Testing in Maryland

We are finally running it LIVE in Maryland on Saturdays!!!!!! Finally, you will be able to take this live in-person in Maryland.

Sign up now for $500!

The primary […]

Linux For InfoSec Professionals

I was asked by some students to spend some time covering the basics of Linux so that it can be used for IT Security tasks. This will be a 1 day ONLINE workshop for $25.

In […]

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Metasploit Unlimited

Metasploit has become the defacto standard for pentesting today. Most security professionals have some familiarity with it, but few can REALLY get in and drive it like a pro.

Take your Metasploit skills to the next […]

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Infosec Pro Weekend Bootcamp – Jan 2015

A lot of people signed up for the Pentest Candidate Program and I’m really happy about that (I obviously didn’t think that many people would signup). I’ve had a few people ask me about doing […]

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