Workshop Video Bundle

I’m releasing a video bundle of several workshops.

With people finding out that I am transitioning to the new lab environment, and doing more self-paced training instead of as much live instructor-led training as I used to do in the past – a lot of people have asked me if they could purchase videos of […]

Check out Hacker’s Playground

I’m so excited about the new completely cloud based lab environment I’ve been building. No more VPNs, no more virtual machine headaches, no more dealing with someone else attacking the same machine as you. You’ll only need a web browser to access it. You can do it from anywhere, or on anything like a […]

My last exploit dev course

If you haven’t heard by now I’ve joined SecureNinja ( as the CTO. I’m still teaching online, but if you take a look at the Strategic Security website you’ll see that we’ve made some HUGE changes.

Namely moving to a cloud-based lab environment, a new learning management system (LMS) with all automated class management – […]

I’m joining the SecureNinja Team

I started Strategic Security in 2010 after leaving the Assessment Practice Manager position at Rapid7. There have been some really good times running StrategicSec, and some really low moments as well. The 100% percent honest truth is that I don’t regret a second of my time running Strategic Security.  The people I’ve met at […]

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Advanced Offensive Cyber Operations Class

The Advanced Offensive Cyber Operations Class is a new class I’ve been developing over the past year. It’s designed for advanced penetration testers, red teams, and offensive cyber operations groups.

The class is heavily focused on advanced persistence and data exfiltration. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a lot of offensive groups (3-letter […]

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Get ready for the Capture The Flag Class

Most of you know that I’m going to be running a IT Security Beginners/Intermediates CTF on the 14th of December.
You can read more about the CTF by clicking on this link:

Maybe you are not sure if you are ready for a game like this – TRUST ME – this game will be great for […]

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Shall we play a game?? How about a CTF?

I’m going to run a CTF. Here are the particulars:

Location:         Online

Game Type:     Team Network Attack and Defense

Game Play:      Scoring via placing a team file (flag) on opposing team’s target server

Skill Level:      Beginner/Intermediate

# of Players:    Teams can be up to 10 players

Date/Time:      Dec 14th from 10am – 10pm EST

Cost:                $50 per participant

Game Basics:

This will be […]

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Hackers For Veterans!!!

Today is Veteran’s day and I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people that have or do serve in the Armed Forces. Regardless of how you may feel about US foreign policy, defense spending, fighting in the Middle East or any area of the world for that matter today is about not […]

FREE Pentester’s Weekend Bootcamp

Get ready – this workshop is gonna be full on pentesting covering both Network and Web App Pentesting all in one shot!

The workshop will be held online all day Saturday November 23rd from 10am-5pm EST, a full day of both Network Pentesting and Web App Pentesting.


Morning Material:

External […]

Python For Security Professionals

If you are like me then most programming books and courses are nothing more than a cure for insomnia. You know you need to learn a programming language to be a better security person, but when you try to learn it – my god it is so boring, so frustrating, or even worse – […]