Build it, hack it, secure it!

Build it, hack it, secure it is the ultimate game changer!

This is NOT a class, it’s a 5-day InfoSec training immersion experience! I've always said that you should NEVER attempt to secure something that you don't understand. You should never attempt to attack or defend a system that you are not comfortable enough to be an administrator of.

Day 1 will walk you through the fundamentals of PowerShell.

Day 2 will build upon your PowerShell knowledge while you go through the process of building Active Directory with Server 2016, SharePoint 2016 web server, and MS SQL Server 2016. This is because PowerShell is now integral part of all things Microsoft.


On day 3 students will go managing each newly created service/application with PowerShell. Students will be tasked with performing common and complex system administration tasks with PowerShell for Active directory, SharePoint, and SQL

On day 4 students will go through the process of attacking the environment with the common security tools such as Nessus, Nikto, Nmap, and Metasploit as well as several lesser known security tools such as Sparty, and others. Defensive products will be deployed in the environment so students can look at the attacks from the defender's point of view as well.

NOTE: Per student request some additional vulnerable hosts have been added to the environment to allow for other types of attacks/defenses to be covered.

On day 5 students will have their machines wiped and be tasked with re-doing all of the tasks taught in first 4 days of class as part of a team challenge.


Students will receive

  • 40 hours of CPEs
  • 30 days of 24/7 lab environment access
  • Courseware slides
  • Lab manual



Each class will be recorded and made available to the students via email. So you can keep up with the class even if you have to miss time, or even a whole day.



Each student will be given access to a Google Group for the class. This will be where students can ask questions outside of the normal class hours, work with other students on lab exercises, homework, and challenges.

A Strategic Security class mentor will be assigned to the Google Group to answer questions (allow 1 day for responses).

A Customer Relationship manager will be assigned to the class to manage questions, and support issues.



The training will be held Monday to Friday January 2nd - 6th  from 9am - 3pm EST a live online training with lab access.


Class Cost

This course costs $500, but for TODAY ONLY you can purchase this class for $249.99



You also have some different options:

  • $249.00 for the course and lab access during the duration of the course
  • $499.00 for the course with 30 days of lab access
  • $699.00 for the course with 30 days of lab access and skill challenge exam
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