Exploit Development Workshop

This workshop is for newbies to the world of exploit development. It takes participants from “n00b” to “31337″ – ok just kidding not quite “31337”, but it will help you get comfortable with the subject because you are given the time to actually absorb the material. Each Saturday in the month of February (2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd) from noon to 4pm EST Joe McCray will host a webinar.

Here are some of the topics to look forward to:

Course Outline:

  • Feb 2nd – Stack Overflows (in both Linux and Windows)
  • Feb 9th – Abusing Structured Exception Handlers on Windows
  • Feb 16th – Heap Spray
  • Feb 23rd – ROP Exploits

Each week Joe will host the 4 hour webinar where he will walk through the previous week’s homework exercises, cover the material for the current week, take questions from the students, and provide homework for the upcoming week. The homework that is handed out each week is designed so students can work on and reinforce each week’s lesson.

The cost for this workshop is $100USD – click HERE to register.

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