Assessment Services

Assessment Services

What is a Network Security Assessment?

A Network Security Assessment emulates the same process that an attacker would follow to exploit multiple security weaknesses which individually are not critical but in aggregate allow an attacker to compromise business-critical data.

An experienced or motivated attacker can take advantage of system vulnerabilities and mis-configurations to gain unauthorized access.  This access may be exploited to attain further detailed information which may be used to escalate privileges on a critical target and potentially compromise additional systems.

How Does A Network Security Assessment Differ From A Web Application Security Assessment?

As more organizations utilize the Internet for business and commercial transactions, attackers are targeting web applications in order to penetrate corporate security controls.  Historically, developers have focused on functionality over security. This lack of attention towards integrating security into the development process presents an entirely new venue for attackers to launch exploits and compromise systems.

In a Web Application Security Assessment, Strategic Security inspects a web site from the perspective of a malicious hacker and identifies the security weaknesses so that remediations can be made to circumvent exploitation by hackers or disgruntled employees.

What is a Mobile Application Security Assessment?

Increasing numbers of mobile devices are being used in business, but the measures organizations take to secure the data stored on and accessed by these devices are often inadequate. In the same manner as a network attack, or a web application attack an experienced or motivated attacker can take advantage of vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in a mobile application.

In a Mobile Security Assessment, Strategic Security conducts an extensive review of your mobile application from the perspective of a malicious hacker and finds the security holes before they can be exploited by hackers.