Network Security Assessment

We help our clients build true network security and achieve regulatory compliance without breaking the bank. How do we do it? It all starts with a network security assessment.

Why A Network Penetration Test?

When attempting to secure an infrastructure, it is essential to perform a thorough assessment of the environment. Not just audit with a bunch of checklists, not just a bunch of scans with automated security testing tools. What it really takes to secure an infrastructure and achieve compliance, however, isn’t always obvious. Too often, companies base critical IT Security decisions on an incomplete understanding of the regulatory environment,the business impact of the technology, or what really motivates attackers. A network penetration test sets the record straight and provides the direction — and confidence — a company needs to perform business operations without the worry of compliance or the threat of malicious attacks.

Strategic Security’s consultants regularly conduct on going research into issues that impact our clients. In addition, we are in regular contact with CEOs, CIOs,CISOs, and IT executives in the industries we serve. We understand your industry already, which allows us to develop the methodologies, testing tools, and resources that will make your both compliant and secure at a reasonable cost. Our ongoing fieldwork and research process makes it all possible.

Network Security Expertise

  • Workstation, Server, VoIP, SAN, Virtualization, Cloud Security Assessments
  • Network aware embedded device security assessments
  • Compliance preparedness (PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, FFIEC) assessments
  • Risk Analysis
  • IT Security Program Development

When Does A Penetration Test Make Sense?

  • You are concerned about regulatory compliance
  • You are planning to or have recently made changes to your network infrastructure
  • You have recently hired or let go of a large number of employees
  • You want to launch a new service or product
  • You have had a breach and want to ensure your network can resist future attacks

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect?


Reduce Your Security Costs:

  • Align costs with business risk
  • Decrease operating expenses and overhead

Focus on Your Business Objectives:

  • Measure security risk level and tolerance
  • Free internal IT staff for other priorities