Major Hospital hired Strategic Security for a Network Security Assessment

The hospital’s primary concerns were HIPAA compliance and the overall state of IT security.

Strategic Security consultants gained access to the their:

  • Medication tracking & dispensing applications
  • Patient Medical Records
  • Administrative control over entire IT infrastructure

So What????

Strategic Security Consultants showed the client how to secure the infrastructure at no additional cost:

The client had been trying to request budget for a $60,000 security system.

Strategic Security Consultants showed the client how to gain the same level of security using technology that was already in place.

Strategic Security Consultants provided training to the IT staff to better implement security practices and policies that were already in place.

The hospital used the training they received from Strategic Security to develop and integrate security metrics into their information assurance program allowing them to cut security spending by 21% over the course of the next year while actually increasing security effectiveness.