Case Study 2

Major Investment Bank hired Strategic Security for a Web Application Security Assessment

The bank had created a portfolio management application that was intended to have several thousand customers accessing it daily. The Strategic Security consultants identified several critical security flaws that could have cost the bank millions of dollars in losses.

So What????

Strategic Security Consultants showed the client how to secure the application source code.

The client had already wanted to integrate security into their software development lifecycle (SDLC) but really didn’t know where to start.

Strategic Security Consultants showed the development team how to fix the flaws in the application.

Strategic Security Consultants also provided a 4-day secure coding course for the developers and a 1 day building security into your SDLC course for the developers, security group and senior management.

With Strategic Security’s help the bank developed a comprehensive Software Security Framework (SSF) that included internal secure development training, automated and manual security testing, secure code metrics which resulted in 41% decrease in security vulnerabilities per 1,000 lines of code written.